Welcome on the website ‘www.gentsekropper.be’

On this website, we'll explain all kind of issues about The Ghent Cropper. Because we breed the Ghent pouter, we'll mainly focus on him.

Also pouters, like the Saxon and English pouter will be discussed later on. Beside these two croppers, we try to give a short discription about all other pouters as well. This page is orginaly designed in Dutch language. So, it will take some time to translate everything. Until now, only a few pages are translated. But we're working on it. I hope you still can enjoy all present pictures and photos.

Pouters find their origin in several countries and places. Most important countries are Germany, Holland, England, Silezian, Bohemian, Moravian and Spain. There exist all kind of pouters: small, big, medium, heavy, slim, etc. I hope you'll enjoy this site.

Gerrit Crommen,

Champion VDT Show 2015
Champion VDT Show 2010
9x European Champion.
5x Belgian Champion.