The best care and treatement for our fancy pigeons!

Proper daily care with the best nutrition is wanted if you want to be successful in the pigeon world. Proper nutrition and care result in strong and vital animals. It prevents us from a lot of diseases and problems.

Not properly feeding is one of the biggest mistakes that breeders can make. The secret of many top breeders often lies in how they feed their animals. As a reputable breeder, I would like to share you my experiences and views on nutrition and care.

Today, it’s possible to choose through a variety of brands and numerous types of food. Fortunately most brands have separate production lines designed fancy pigeons.

In the long search for the right food, I ended up with NATURAL of Belgium. In former times, I learned NATURAL during my contacts with many racing pigeon fanciers. Remember that the Belgian racing pigeon is well known over the whole world. It’s deep in my mind, that when I met them, they were always proud of their products of NATURAL. They automatically putted their thumbs upwards.

It’s a fact that the fancy pigeon breeders can still learn much from racing pigeon breeders. Remember that many things that are good for racing pigeons are in most cases also good for our fancy pigeons. It is also true that many breeds of fancy pigeons (e.g. pouters) in terms of nutrition are a lot more demanding then racing pigeons.

NATURAL is deeply involved with the racing pigeon sport. In addition to producing great food and products, NATURAL also exploited "the breeding station".

Here, NATURAL successfully breeds thousands of young racing pigeons that are sold at friendly prices around the world. All visitors of this breeding station remark easily the fact that all pigeons have an outstanding condition and health. This can according to experts only be achieved by giving the appropriate nutrition and care. This proofs the effect and quality of NATURAL and its products.

In the breeding station, there are also fancy pigeons housed. Thanks to their presence NATURAL could design three types of feeders for fancy pigeons with extra quality. These feeders have in common that they exists of only small grains, legumes (corn, peas, etc) and seeds are provided. That’s why pigeons are very happy to eat it. They are the ideal feeders to provide to pouters. Croppers and pouters can much more easily feed the smaller grains to their young pigeons!

Natural also publish magazines. They are spread worldwide and consist with all kinds of information about the pigeon sport. As with most things, information is a very important factor. Real breeders do want to be up-to-date about everything involving their hobby.

The brothers Noel and Robert De Scheemaecker published their first edition of their pigeon magazine in November 1930.

Natural, founded in 1936, sells its products worldwide in 44 countries. They have played an important role in the evolution of the racing pigeon and the reputation of the Belgian pigeons in the world.

The opening of specialized and modern "Pigeons shops" in China proofs their outstanding professionalism and good name. Since October 1998, grain mixtures and complementary products are sold in China by Natural. China is the country in the world with the largest number of pigeon breeders (350,000).

The company NATURAL has always been a family business and it still is like that. Since the startup, the company is owned and operated by people who live between pigeons. The love for birds but also the experience and knowledge of pigeon manifests itself naturally in their products. You can best describe them as professionals or "specialists" in the production of pigeon products. As specialists in pigeons, it is therefore obvious that they only produce products for pigeons.

Since I use all their products, I enjoy my pigeons much more because they "shine", they are much brighter as before. The feather quality is simply optimal. It may sound crazy but since I use the NATURAL products, I even love more my animals. This is my big secret as top breeder: the love for my birds!

Proper daily care of animals means more then to give them just water, food and minerals. It goes beyond the daily provision of the basic diet consisting of cereals, legumes and seeds. This basic diet should be primarily "balanced" and supply good digestive benefits. Variation in diet is the key to success. In the pigeon year (the breeding season, the moulting and rest, the exhibition period), our pigeons are in need of various products. These all have their own important role and contribute in their own way contribute to the development of a strong and healthy stock.

TIP: The provision of these products at fixed times daily brings peace and regularity in the animals their lives. This regularity also provides a good "balance" and has a beneficial effect on the digestive tracts.

The following are the most important thing to me a proper feeding and care of:

- Necessary basic food (cereals legumes and seeds).
- Vitamins
- Minerals
- Natural products (herbs and plant extracts)
- Products for better hygiene
- Personal contributions for supplementary feeding!

Fortunately, all these products are provided by Natural, and all in top quality. Natural offers something for everyone.

Thanks to Natural with a particular family The Scheemaecker.

Gerrit Crommen
Champion pouters VDT 2010
National champion “best fancy pigeon" 2004 in Belgium