Ghent Cropper Dominicans

The dominicans are the most popular of all Ghent pouters. They are a special marking which you only find with the Ghent pouters. They are also called: 'preacherman'. The Domincans are the proud of the species. We already find them on very old paintings.

The head and the neck are in white. The white is defined by a line that finds its origina at 3 cm of the head and ends in the base of the globe. A big white circle is formed. The wings, the back, the abdomen, the feetfeathering and the buttom of the tail are also white. The buttom of the tail is triangle shaped and is called fish-tail. The colored part is in heavy contrast with the white part. This colored part includes a part of the neck, the schoulders, the saddle and tail. Dominicans have dark eyes with white or light pink eye-borders. The beak and nails are white or pink.

Breeding dominicans isn't easy because the marking can't be fasten genetic. This results in breeding many mismarked birds.

Perfected marked Ghent pouters are rare and will therefore reach high points on shows from the judges.

Above: aquarelle of dominicans in black, yellow
and red. This paiting is owned
by Mister Ad. Graafmans.

Alongside: a nice paiting by Lei Caris. The dominicans in black, yellow and red are lifelike animals of mister Ad Graafmans!